Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a pleasant surprise for the fans of Lara Croft and her fans. The game is already a third part relating the story of the heroine since the beginning of her career (first part of the reminiscence series was released in 2013, and it earned acclaimed with fans as did all of them). For PC platform it was produced by Nixxes Software, and by Eidos Montreal for the consoles. As in the previous installments, we become the beautiful and brave Lara Croft who again makes a journey to a mysterious corner of the world in order to unravel its secrets. If you want to feel like the brave, intrepid woman warrior, get the Shadow of the Tomb Raider full version, and load the weapon.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download

Shadow of the Tomb Raider free Download on PC

The action setting

This time we move together with our heroine to Latin America, where we’ll be able to deal with the culture of Mayans and Aztecs. For the fans of ancient civilizations it’s an additional encouragement to get the game. Lara’s in for a plenty of chilling experiences, but also many mysteries to discover. The search will predominantly circle around the mystic Trinity organization. Lara will also try to find out what her father had been working on. The challenges and thrills will surely be aplenty. In linear order, the present gameplay’s action is right after the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider. Do you dream about finding out for yourself how it is to function in a world of omnipresent riddles, and want to feel the euphoria of gradually solving them? Get the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download and head for the goal.

New Lara’s face

The game’s creators took care to ensure our heroine could develop. We find her older and more mature, it had to be reflected in the character’s personality. Lara gained new abilities. She’s also aware that decisions taken in the past immensely determine the future, so one must bear the consequences of erroneous judgements. Lara is more conscious, mature and trained. She can dive, climb, use various kinds of weaponry and even do backbreaking stunts, as if she were a stuntwoman. The game’s mechanics has been revolutionizes much, but it’s a decent level. We watch the game from a third-person view, is hasn’t changed. There are more exploration sequences, though, and fewer of those with open combat. It’s a bow towards those players who especially value gameplay requiring logical thinking. Although the ambience is somewhat terrifying, as Lara penetrates ruins, tombs and places of cult, for a counterbalance we can discover the wild jungle, and multi-level aspect is the game’s advantage. If you’re drawn to become an undaunted explorer and warrior, get the Shadow of the Tomb Raider free Download and visit extraordinary places.

A universal adventure

Lara Croft’s struggles are reminiscent of real life, only the number of adventures has been multiplied and offered in accumulation. Nevertheless, each of us copes with a million of more and less serious problems. Often we also have to look for optimal solutions of complex questions. The game gains realism due to the three-dimensional picture as well. In our native language version Lara is played by actress Karolina Gorczyca, who doesn’t differ from the original in terms of beauty and abilities.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download full version PC

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Download

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